Denolva Omega Products Update - Omega-3 Project

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, California - July 11, 2016 – AFS BioOil is pleased to share the progress of Denolva Omega Products, Inc., a company it cofounded in January 2016. Denolva Omega Products has a simple goal of bringing algae based omega-3 fatty acids to food, nutraceutical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical markets. The company is currently executing a project in California that, when completed, will bring commercial volumes of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) to market.

The project employs AFS “H” and “K” type photobioreactors, the same type reactors AFS BioOil is planning to use for its biodiesel plants. The significance of the project is that in the current market environment, when crude oil prices are low, the team has found a cash positive smaller scale project that advances AFS systems. And although it looks like as a side step for the team, the reality is that it moves it closer to the goal of building large scale biodiesel plants. The team is getting closer to a rollout of large scale vertically integrated algae based biodiesel plants.


About AFS BioOil:
AFS BioOil was formed in 2010 as a spin out of Algae Floating Systems, Inc. The company is focused to use AFS technologies to produce traditional biodiesel at points of high demand. FAME biodiesel is produced by processing algae oil through a chemical process known as transesterification. The fuel can be used in its pure form as a diesel substitute or added to diesel to produce a biodiesel blend, such as B-5 or B-20. The strategic goal of the company is to become a major algae biodiesel supplier.

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