Integrated Biodiesel Biorefineries

Q: What is biodiesel?
A: Biodiesel is a renewable clean-burning replacement for petroleum based diesel. While there are several feedstock options, microalgae are by far the best feedstock for biodiesel production.

Q: What are microalgae?
A: Algae are single cell organisms that absorb carbon dioxide, sunlight and nutrients and convert them into oxygen and biomass which is used to produce biodiesel.

Q: Why algae are used for renewable fuels?
A: Microalgae are used for renewable fuels because of their impressive oil yields when compared to other feedstock that competes with food crops. Microalgae can produce up to 400 times more oil per acre than conventional crops.

Q: What products can be produced with algae?
A: Among others, the main products that can be produced with algae are: biofuels, oils for industrial applications, animal feed, bioplastics, skincare and cosmetics products.

Q: What is a photobioreactor?
A: A photobioreactor is a closed system for microalgae cultivation that provides optimal environment for algae growth. Unlike open ponds photobioreactors provide a good protection from contamination issues.

Q: What is a wastewater treatment plant?
A: A wastewater treatment plant is a facility that processes household and industrial wastewater to remove biological, physical and chemical contaminants from wastewater.